Nathan J Jackson


I’m a doctoral candidate interested in all things Twitch. I’m looking forward to submitting my PhD thesis imminently in the School of the Arts and Media at UNSW Sydney.

My research is highly interdisciplinary, drawing mostly on performance studies and game studies. I am broadly interested in ways that we play games and how different approaches to play produce new social, cultural, and political formations. As I wrap up my PhD thesis, I’m gearing up to continue my research on Twitch, including projects on challenge runs and the cultural impacts of From Software titles.

If you have any questions about my work or are interested in talking to me about Twitch, games, performance, or the like, shoot me at email! You can find me on Twitter and Mastodon, where I am an active scroller but don’t post often. Who knows? You may even find me on Twitch from time to time!